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Make friends #IRL  

Join the club!

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Meet in small, curated groups


Engage over

shared experiences


Develop quality


Just good times with people who share your vibe & interests.

No swiping. No ghosting.

How it works ⚙️

1. Create a profile & share your interests

2. RSVP to curated local experiences

3. Get pre-introduced to potential new friends to meet at your event


4. Connect via chat to confirm when & where you'll meet

5. Show up, have fun, rate your experience, and stay connected

Event & friend recommendations are based on your interests. Your post-event feedback guides future recommendations.

Put yourself out there 💁🏻‍♀️

Meeting IRL at curated small group events, experience the best of Austin with great new friends

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Meet friends, not flakes 👯‍♀️

Explore your city with like-minded people 
who share your vibes and interests.


"My husband and I moved to Austin and didn't know anyone. We made several friends at the very first event we attended, and we've all been hanging out since!"


Feedback about our proof of concept
  • ❣️ Is Refrosh a dating app?
    Nope! Refrosh is an app for making new friends IRL. It is NOT a dating app. Use it to find fun things to do with great people for the purpose of making new friends. No swiping. No messaging. No ghosting. Just curated experiences with like-minded people who share your vibe and interests.
  • 🌝 What kind of people will I meet with Refrosh?
    People as wonderful as you are! The average Refrosher from our proof of concept descibed themself as nerdy, cultured, and creative. If you're into that kind of thing, we're off to a good start. 🙌 Of course not everyone will be your cup of tea. But according to our proprietary, non-peer-reviewed research, the time you spend Refroshing is 10x more likely to result in quality, new friends than time spent swiping on Bumble BFF or attending random meetups. 🧑‍🔬
  • 🗓 How does Refrosh curate the best things to do in Austin?
    Refrosh scans a variety of calendars and event aggregators to curate the most interesting things happening locally. From bar trivia at local breweries, to art gallery openings, wine tastings, and more, you can attend a variety of events that align to your interests. Check out our Insta stories for some examples 👀
  • 💫 How does Refrosh match people with events & groups?
    You share information about your preferences, interests, and general vibe. We make inferences about the types of venues, activities, and people you might like and recommend them to you. You pick and choose what you want to do, and we match you with people to meet at it. You share your feedback about your experience and the people you met. We use it to update your preferences and reconnect you with the people you'd like to see again.
  • 🤑 How much does it cost to use Refrosh to make friends & find things to do in Austin?
    Refrosh is free to join 🎉 We curate both free and paid events.
  • ⛑ How does Refrosh ensure safety?
    We screen & verify the identify of every member before they can attend events. Creeps are strictly prohibited. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Building community makes the world a safer place. We're here to make it easy, fun, and safe.
  • 🎟 How many events can I attend?
    As many as you like! Every time you log into Refrosh, you'll see a stream of curated events we think you'll enjoy. Just RSVP to save your spot.
  • 🤔 What does "Refrosh" mean?
    "Refrosh" is about recreating the freshman experience. A common slang term for freshman is frosh. Thus, Refrosh! Why the freshman experience? Well, in our experience, freshman year is a unique time where it's easier than ever to dive into new experiences surrounded by people who share your interests. After we graduate, we're on our own without the social infrastructure of our university community. Refrosh brings you the security and relevance akin to university programming that makes it so easy to make new friends–as and adult, and without the tuition fees.
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