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Conversation Jenga 🧩

Conversation Jenga pieces for Refrosh  East ATX Brunch Bash

For our East ATX Brunch Bash, we were going to just label these:

Conversation Jenga*

*Google it if you don't know what it is.

But then we Googled it and the results looked confusing. So in order to give y'all zero excuse for not playing along, here are the deets:

  • It's like Jenga, but without the trademark

  • Jenga is a popular game that consists of stacking and removing blocks from rows of threes on top of one another... it's actually surprisingly hard to explain, so here's a visual:

  • So play that 🙌

  • Who ever pulls the question answers it

  • If you're curious about an answer, ask a follow up question

  • Congratulations! You are having a conversation!

  • Keep going till the check comes

  • Pay your bills, leave nice tips, and walk over to Lustre Pearl East

  • Meet more Refroshers in the back area👇and share your learnings!

Winner's the person who has the most fun 🥳

But it didn't happen (or did it?) if it's not on #insta. Tag us @refrosh ✨


Notes & such 📄 

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